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1Hz to 1MHz Function Generator With XR-2206 IC

Physical View

An indispensable tool for any electronics lab is the function generator. It enables a variety of measurements and experiments. The module described here is based on the industry standard and build .Baustein XR2206 is extremely compact and inexpensive. It provides sine and triangular voltages at about 1Hz to 1MHz, depending on the timing capacitors used. Over two potentiometer, the amplitude and the frequency can be adjusted. About trimmer can also be changed nor the purity of the sine signal and the offset of the output voltage.

Here the diagram, it is based on the standard application circuit in the data sheet:

1Hz to 1MHz Function Generator With XR-2206 IC

The structure can be very compact on a board. The bands will be selected by a DIP switch. Alternatively, you can instead of the DIP switch and use a step counter, which is conducted through wires to a front panel.

The module is operated with about 12VDC. In a virtual mass is formed at half voltage, the mass output of the output signal is therefore on this potential. This must be taken when connecting the module!

With appropriate matching circuitry provides the sinusoidal signals with less than 0.5% THD.

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