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Rangkaian Power Supply Sederhana

Basic Power Supply Circuit
Basic Power Supply Circuit

The basic power supply is shown in Figure 2. It is completely conventional in all respects. Use a 40-0-40 V transformer, rated at 300VA for normal use. For maximum continuous power, a 50-0-50V (500VA or more) transformer will be needed. This will give a continuous power of about 450W, and peak power of over 500W is possible with a good transformer. Remember my warnings about using the amp in this way, and the need for the additional output transistors, big heatsink and fan.

For 115V countries, the fuse should be 6A, and in all cases a slow blow fuse is required because of the inrush current of the transformer. For anything above 300VA, a soft-start circuit is highly recommended (see Project 39).

The supply voltage can be expected to be higher than that quoted at no load, and less at full load. This is entirely normal, and is due to the regulation of the transformer. In some cases, it will not be possible to obtain the rated power if the transformer is not adequately rated.

Bridge rectifiers should be 35A types, and filter capacitors must be rated at a minimum of 63V (or 75V if you use 70V supplies). Wiring needs to be heavy gauge, and the DC must be taken from the capacitors - not from the bridge rectifier.

Although shown with 4,700uF filter capacitors, larger ones may be used. Anything beyond 10,000uF is too expensive, and will not improve performance to any worthwhile degree. Probably the best is to use two 4,700uF caps per side (four in all). This will actually work better than a single 10,000uF device, and will be cheaper as well.

NOTE: It is essential that fuses are used for the power supply. While they will not stop the amp from failing (no fuse ever does), they will prevent catastrophic damage that would result from not protecting the circuit from over-current conditions. Fuses can be mounted in fuseholders or can be inline types. The latter are preferred, as the supply leads can be kept as short as possible. Access from outside the chassis is not needed - if the fuses blow, the amplifier is almost certainly damaged.

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