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EL34 Tube Audio Power Amplifier

EL34 Tube Audio Power AmplifierEL34 Tube Audio Power Amplifier Circuit|Rangkaian

A classic design of the last 35 Watt amplifier, and 2 push-pull EL34, Siemens and Halske.

m100se-BtThe amplifier has been from 1954 to 1989, when it came out, except that the operation, the average activity for 15 hours a day. It is not present in damages in excess, in particular the replacement of the tubes, capacitors and resistors, caused by natural wear. The fundamental change came with the replacement of a provision of the tube, to restore diodes. There is only one problem, they try to produce the transformer cost, (it is valid for all pipe manufactured), one of the code is there and it will help. It may cost to replace traditional transformer suitable for EL34. Its products they need (it is the force responsible for all districts), sufficient experience and attention to the high voltage electric shock.
For this project, I decided to use some of the EL34. Check out DrTube [0] for additional information. Offer good performance at a decent price.
The load of reflection allows KT88 instead of one, if not provided enought power.

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