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LM1036 Stereo Tone Control circuit diagram

This is a stereo audio tone control circuit which build based on IC LM1036. This circuit will controll bass/treble level tone, volume and balance between right channel and left channel (input 1 and 2 ). You may use this circuit for stereo applications such as car radio, TV and audio systems, mp3 player, dvd player, ipod and more. An additional control input allows loudness compensation to be simply effected. The circuit should be works with supply voltage 9V to 15V DC.

Tone control features:

* Wide supply voltage range, 9V to 16V
* Large volume control range, 75 dB typical
* Tone control, ±15 dB typical
* Channel separation, 75 dB typical
* Low distortion, 0.06% typical for an input level of 0.3 Vrms
* High signal to noise, 80 dB typical for an input level of 0.3 Vrms

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