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LM317 Regulator Power Supply

LM317 Regulator Power Supply
LM317 Regulator Power Supply

LM317 regulator is a versatile and highly efficient 1.2-37V voltage can provide up to 1.5 Amps. of current with a large heat sink.
It is ideal for almost any application. This was my first power source workbench and I still use it.
Since LM317 is protected against short circuit, fuse is not necessary. With the decline automatic temperature control, will be shut down if overheating. However, a very powerful (and cheap!) Package contrary.

The LM317, even if it is able to supply up to 37V, the circuit shown here is limited to 25V for safety and simplicity. Any output voltage requires additional components and a heat sink more.

Oh! Sure that the input voltage was at least a couple of times as the desired output. It’s agree to use a trimmer if you’re building a fixed power supply voltage.


Follow all safety precautions when working with mains voltage. Insulate all connections on the transformer.

Possible applications:

The desktop power variable, fixed line voltage almost all possible applications, when more than 1.5 is required.

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