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Skema Rangkaian HP Nokia N-Gage

Skema Rangkaian HP Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N-Gage Circuit Diagram and Schematics

The NEM-4 (Nokia N-Gage) is a Mobile Game Deck with blast for EGSM900 and GSM1800/GSM1900 networks. It appearance large, aerial resolution, alive cast colour affectation (176 x 208 pixels) with 4096 colours; abstracted appliance key, music and radio adjustment keys; and 5-way rocker. The afterward book contains detail ambit diagram and schematics of Nokia N-Gage alternation which covers:

"Connections amid RF and BB modules, NEM-4 BB, UPP_WD2 NEM-4, ability circuit, NEM-4 AUX Power, UEM, Audio, ADSP and FLASH, FM Radio and Audio Codec, Memories, User Interface, keypad, Card and USB Interface, Accessory Interface, System Connector, LPRF BT102, Test Interface, GSM BB-RF Interface, Connectors Amid RF Modules, Ability Amplifier, Mjoelner, Testpoints, Component Placement Diagram Bottom, Component Placement Diagram Top."

Get more information about Nokia N-Gage Circuit Diagram and Schematics here – free download 1.4MB PDF file manual. (source:

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