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Skema Rangkaian LM386 Mini Amplifier

This is one of my favorites. The LM386 is a low voltage audio ability amplifier. It can accommodate 125mW to 750mW, abundant for any activity that uses audio. This ambit can assignment with batteries, requieres minimum alien genitalia and works from 4 to 18 Volts (contact the architect or apprehend the abstruse info. Some versions works alone with 5 to 15V.)

The ability achievement depends of the voltage. The ability achievement is 125mW back the voltage is 6V. The voltage accretion goes from 20 to 200 and the achievement is self-centering, so doesn't charge bifold voltage as added amplifiers. It can be acclimated on array radios, band players, intercoms, also, as accelerated amplifier. This dent is the "555" of the amplifiers.

Taken from

Here is the archetypal appliance for this chip. Here are two schematics, the aboriginal one accept a accretion of 200 and the additional one is alone 20. You can use a about-face for the 10uF capacitor to accept the "boost" option.

The 10k resistor is acclimated to acclimatize the affection if the electret microphone, the 100k resistor is acclimated to acclimatize the volume.

In theory, this ambit will not assignment because it needs a pre-amplifier. Supposedly, a 741 or any othe pre-amplifier is needed. As I said before, I don't chase the theory. I already absolute that the pre-amplifier is not needed, aloof acclimatize the 10k capricious resistor. In fact, You may not be able to get the ambit to assignment appropriately with a pre-amplifier.


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