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Rangkaian Generator Tegangan Tinggi

Rangkaian Generator Tegangan TinggiRangkaian Generator Tegangan Tinggi

First of all let me admonish you that this ambit is a actual alarming one. The achievement voltage of this ambit is in Kilo volts and it can actively abuse you or annihilate you. Try this ambit alone if you accept abundant acquaintance ambidextrous with aerial voltages. I accept no albatross on any hazards acquired by the circuit. Be actual careful. This is a apprehensive request.

The ambit accustomed actuality has three sections namely oscillator, switching date and a footfall up stage. The oscillator is body about a NE555 timer operating at 25 KHz. The achievement of the NE555 accompanying to the abject of the ability transistor TIP3055 which is the switching device. The ability transistor drives primary of the footfall up agent at 25 KHz and as a aftereffect a aerial voltage will be induced beyond its secondary.


* A 12V advance acerbic array can be acclimated for powering the circuit.

* TIP3055 charge be army on a calefaction sink.

* T1 can be an EHT (extra aerial tension) agent acclimated in television sets.

* For an EHT from 20inch TV, the achievement voltage will be 8 to 10 KV @12V accumulation voltage.

* This ambit is not an able one and is not acceptable for any austere applications.

* Once again, be actual accurate with this circuit!.

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