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Rangkaian Pengontrol Kecepatan Untuk Bor PCB

Rangkaian Pengontrol Kecepatan Untuk Bor PCBRangkaian Pengontrol Kecepatan Untuk Bor PCB

Here is a simple ambit for authoritative the acceleration of DC operated PCB drills. The affection of this ambit is the ICLM3578 which is a actual able chip switching regulator that can be acclimated for applications like this. The LM3578 has abstracted inverting and non inverting acknowledgment inputs (pin1 and pin2), 1V centralized advertence voltage antecedent and a congenital in oscillator circuit. The IC can be configured to access up to 90% assignment cycle. In the circuit, capacitor C2 is the timing capacitor which determines the abundance of the centralized oscillator. The assignment aeon depends on the sum of resistors R1 and R2 and it can be assorted by adjusting the POT R2. The achievement PWM arresting will be accessible at pin 5 of the IC. The Q1 drives the motor M according to the PWM arresting accessible at pin5 and appropriately by capricious the assignment aeon of the PWM beachcomber by capricious POT R2, the acceleration of the motor can be adjusted. The diode D1 is a freewheeling diode which protects the MOSFET Q1 from transients produced by the motor. Capacitor C3 is aloof a clarify capacitor.

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