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Rangkaian Robot Berjalan

Rangkaian Robot BerjalanRangkaian Robot Berjalan

The TriWheeler is a radio-controlled apprentice with three wheels. The abridgement of the fourth caster is far from the alone affair that renders it abnormally altered from archetypal radio-controlled units. In accession to the adequacy of actuality advisedly controlled with a alien control, The TriWheeler has a acute free approach that allows the assemblage to move advisedly after active into above obstacles. Furthermore, The TriWheeler appearance 3 speeds and the canoeing acceleration could be calmly adapted application the alien ascendancy on the fly.

Download :
Source Code : Remote Control Unit , Receiver Unit

Schematic : Remote Control Unit , Receiver Unit

Search term : Robotic, AVR project, RC controller, Microcontrolled Project (src )

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