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Rangkaian Microcontroller at89s51

Rangkaian Microcontroller at89s51
Moisture Controller Circuit Use Microcontroller at89s51|Rangkaian Microcontrollerat89s51

This moisture controller circuit is based on the MICROCONTROLLER AT89S51 & the ADC 0804. This project demonstrates how analog data is converted in to digital form, so it can be displayed on the LCD. It also covers the sub rooting of microcontroller interface with LCD. AT89S51 is an 8051 compatible microcontroller from the ATMEL family. ADC0804 is a single channel ADC, in this project it is configured in auto mode i.e. It converts the incoming analog signal into the digital form continuously without generating any interrupt. The main board is provided with three keys for incrementing, decrementing & enters for setting the cut of point of moisture value.

This project demonstrate how we can use a simple electronics for controlling the proper growth of a particular crop or a plant in the field by controlling the amount of water required by the plant for healthy growth. This is done with the help of two probes which are used as sensor. This metallic probes are inserted into the soil of the field, when water supply to the is started the soil starts absorbing water, this results in the low resistance in between the two probes. As the soil becoming more and more wet stimulatingly the resistance between the two metallic probes goes on reducing this signal is provided to the ADC, it converts the analog signal into digital form, for the microcontroller use. Three push button keys are provided, through which the user can set the cutoff point of the moisture according to the crop requirement. When the set value is achieved the microcontroller switch off the water pump by a relay switch.

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