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Electronic Church Bell Controller Circuit

Electronic Church Bell Controller Circuit
Electronic Church Bell Controller Circuit


1. More 32 altered melodies ( ADAM, PANYGJRJKO, AGJORJKO, etc)

2. Ascendancy of electrometrical alarm of abbey with the assembly of beating of continuance 1Sec anniversary one minute.

3. Automatic alteration in case of ability loss.

4. Percussion of alarm anniversary bisected but additionally absolute hours, with achievability of best of hours of blackout (for day-tripper regions and hours of accepted quietness).

5. Manual alteration of electromechanical clock.

6. All regulations become with the advice of advice (menu, up, down, enter, start, stop)

7. When it runs a accent we accept the achievability of access or abatement her speed,the advice will stored in anamnesis 24LC32.

8. Display of temperature (DS1621).

9. Display time (DS1307), with advancement battery.

10. All the in formations are displayed on 4X20 LCD.

11. Ascendancy up to 6 bells.


This ambit is a abbey alarm controller. Basic basic is an ATmega32 microcontroller. At the ambit 2 24LC32 eeprom memories is actuality used, the 1st for centralized accepted melodies and the 2nd one is for user's compositions. This affection will be provided in the future.

As ascendancy I created a card who will be appeared on 4x20 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The card browsing can be done by 6 buttons at the face of the circuit's box (Menu, Up, Down, Enter, Start, Stop). The all firmware binds about 19Kbytes beam anamnesis and can be added by abacus new features-functions. This affairs has been writen in C in CVAVR compiler.

The abstraction of this ambit is actuality accustomed by a acquaintance of abundance who has an branch and he is architecture bells. I accept fabricated the PCB by my self.

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