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Oscilloscope Based on PIC18F2550 Microcontroller

Oscilloscope Based on PIC18F2550 Microcontroller
Oscilloscope Based on PIC18F2550 Microcontroller


The operating voltage of the ambit is 12V DC. By this voltage, the ability accumulation is bearing 2 voltages. +8.2V for IC1 and +5V for IC2 and IC3. This ambit can admeasurement from +2.5V to -2.5V or from 0 to +5V abased by S1 position (AC or DC input). By application delving with 1:10 analysis you can admeasurement about 10 times college voltages. Moreover, with S2 you can accomplish an added analysis by 2 the ascribe voltage.

Programming The ATmega32

Burn the ATmega32 with AVR_oscilloscope.hex and baddest alien bright at the fuses section.

After that, you Must attenuate the JTAG interface from your ATmega32 microController. If you don't do that, the mega32 will appearance you the antecedent awning and back it go to the oscilloscope awning it will restart anon to the antecedent awning and it will break there for ever.


The alone 2 things you accept to calibrate is the LCD adverse trimmer P2 and the P1, to move the axle at the centermost of the LCD. To do that, administer alone the ability accumulation to the ambit and acclimatize the P2 up to the point you will see bright the appeared pixels on the screen. Then, acclimatize the P1 up to the point the axle is confused at the average of the LCD (at the accumbent band of the cross).


You can move the axle up or bottomward the awning by acute the buttons S8 or S4 appropriately to admeasurement the voltage of the signal. 1 volt is demography up 1 aboveboard height. With S7 and S3 you can access or abatement the altitude speed. This oscilloscope has an automated trigger. That means, if you accept a connected arresting (ex a triagle waveform) the auto activate will assignment perfect. If your arresting is not abiding (ex a consecutive transmittion) you can benumb the awning by acute S6 switch. At his case you can get a snapshoot of your measurment signal. By the time you absolution the S6, the snapshoot will end.

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