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Simple Balanced Input with Gain Circuit Diagram

This circuit was created to provide a balance audio output from an electronic symmetrical input. You can set the regulation gain from potensiometer RV 1 and improve the signal level gain with potensiometer RV 2. This circuit needs a high quality material in order to annoying noises.

Parts list :
R1-2= 2.2Kohms metal film 1%
C1-2= 68pF ceramic OR milar
ICI= NE5532 -TL072
R3= 22Kohms metal film 1%
C3= 47uF 25V
RV1= 10Kohms Log.
R4= 6.8Kohmsmetal film 1%
C4= 10uF 25V
RV2= 47Kohms Log.
R5= 100ohms
C5-6= 100nF100V cer. OR mkt
J1= Female CANNON plug
R6-7= 47Kohms
C7= 10uF25V

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