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Symmetrical Class-A Amplifier Circuit

It’s very simple because this circuit using common components which easily found. This circuit diagram also provides a very good amplifier unit with low distortion. Similar with other audio circuit, the sound quality are depends on the quality of the component, including transistor, capacitor, resistor and the placement it self.

Part list:
R1= 100Kohm
R9= 100Kohm
C6-7= 47uF 40V
R2-3= 82Kohm
R10= 1Kohm
T1-2= BC 550C
R4-5= 22Kohm
C1-3= 10uF MKT
T3-4= BC 560C
R6-7= 100ohm
C2= 56pF ceramic
T5= BC 516
R8= 5.6Kohm
C4-5= 100nF 63V
T6= BC 517

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