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Low Impedance Simple Preamplifier Circuit

This is a simple low impedance preamplifier circuit diagram. It used to amplify an audio signal. This circuit use a 12Vdc sources and very simple because work with less components.
Part list:
R1= 47Kohm
R10= 820 ohm
C6-8= 47uF 25V
R2-5= 15Kohm
R13-14= 27 ohm
C7= 2.2uF 100V MKT
R3-4= 1.5Kohm
R15= 100Kohm
Q1-4-5= BC550C
R6-11= 1.5Kohm
R16-17= 22 ohm
Q2-3-6= BC560C
R7-12= 1.8Kohm
C1= 120pF
J1= 5pin connector
R8= 8.2 ohm
C2-5= 100nF 100V MKT
All R is metal film 1%
R9= 150 ohm
C3-4= 220uF 16V

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